Speedy J / Literon - Collabs 200

Collabs 200 is the second in a series of what will become three releases in which the ever hard-working Speedy J collaborates with other producers. This release fuses Speedy motifs with the Dutch Literon over two ferocious techno tracks, which were recorded in 1999 and never intended for release. Public interest, sparked from the tracks sneaking their way into live sets, has caused them to be unleashed onto consumers.

Snacker is a nine minute drum pound with gradual reverb fading into the background, as if the noise isn’t actually coming from the record. It slowly builds to a dramatically slow breakdown, like a comedown of a cerebral implosion almost. Knicker only lasts six minutes, but has an overly clubby sound that has a relentless industrial edge to its drive. The climax is a rumbling, distilled power-down that seems destined for a hedonistic late-night.

Judging by the two tracks on show, Speedy J continues his fine techno form, and serves to extend the baited breath for his next Collabs project.



out of 10

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