The Hedrons - One More Won't Kill Us

The title of The Hedrons debut album, One More Won't Kill Us, has a hint of self reference. Do we really need more punk rock chicks thrashing around on stage being all aggressive and shouty? Well, after listening to this, sure we do... There are a few stipulations however.

This record is an enjoyable romp through the past couple of decades of rock music, there's nods and winks to AC/DC, The Donna's and Siouxsie Sioux to name but a few, but there's not a great deal of originality here. The rhythm section pounds and pumps its way through each of the songs with enough aggression and energy that you'll find your foot tapping almost of its own accord. "Bad Charm" is a great three minute slice of punk rock, certainly much more enjoyable then the endless reams of punk/rock female solo/group artists (I'm looking at you, Pink) that seem to be jammed down our throat at the moment, these girls actually sound like they mean everything they spit out. The riff that percolates through the track just gets lodged in your head; you'll find yourself humming it throughout the day. "Be My Friend" bursts through like the bastard love child of The Go Go's and AC/DC and deals with the usual boy / girl troubles, but does so with a great riff that echoes throughout, only pausing for the vocals to take centre stage. "Sympathy" has hints of the Libertines in it's jaunty and jangly guitars, but it's roots are firmly in pop, the vocals overly polished and jar slightly with the fuzzed up guitar solo, but it's still great fun.

I suppose my classification of this as punk rock might be a bit too much for some punk aficionado’s, the songs are certainly more accessible than some of the more extreme bands and the production is clear and precise, but it's not any less enjoyable because of this. And really, that's this albums best asset. It's not original and you'll find plenty of recognisable riffs scattered throughout, but it's done with such carefree abandon that all you can do is surrender yourself to it, don't fight it, just embrace it.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 03:20:37

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