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Priscillas Play Club For Losers - Mini-interview inside

Not doing anything this Friday? Loser. There's only one place for you. Club For Losers at Gossips, 60-70 Dean Street, Soho. Admission is £5 for members or with flyer and £6 for everyone else. Not only will you be among good company, you will hear some live music from two rather interesting bands. The curious sounding Vince Vincent and the Villains and the up-and-coming trashy queens of garage punk, The Priscillas, pictured below. CD Times caught up with The Priscillas and threw some questions at them.

Q: Where did the name The Priscillas come from?

Guri: Big hair, Elvis's wife….
Mave: And there’s a sex shop with the same name…
Jen: Plus ‘The Smiths' was taken.

Q: You’ve been described as a cross between the Shangri-las and The Ramones. Is that a fair description?

Kate: Yes, ‘cos we wrote it ourselves.

Q: What sort of music do you listen to? Who are your influences and what are you listening to at the moment?

Guri: I'm seeing Ivor Cutler tonight
Kate: Of course, we sound a lot like Ivor Cutler! OK, what was the last record we all bought?
Jen: The Cars 'Shake It Up'
Mave: Chet Baker, but that's not very cool, is it?
Guri: I bought a psychobilly compilation, with lots of ladies in flimsy outfits on the front
Kate: I think I bought a Jimmy Cliff compilation
Mave: I guess my influences are The Bobbyteens, The Buzzcocks and Meatloaf
Jen: Urgh! Meatloaf.
Kate: Mine are Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Boney M and the wall of sound in general
Guri: I'm listening to KISS a lot!
Mave: I do my cleaning to The Ramones
Jen: Guided by Voices
Kate: We listen to The Cramps as well, and Kid Congo Powers because he's great!
Jen: I know you all hate The Beatles, but I love them.

Q: What’s been your best gig so far?
All: Both of them.

Q: Who writes the songs?
Mave: The devil. He has all the best tunes.

Q: What do you think of the live scene at the moment? Is there a London Scene as such?

Kate: Define "scene" for us and we'll answer that question
Jen: Yeah, there is a scene, but I don't wanna be in it
Guri: We spit on it!

Q: Would any of you go on ‘I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!” if asked?

Guri: Yeah!
Kate: I wouldn't want to do the buried alive with rats thing, but I wouldn't mind doing the ostriches thing.
Jen: I'd like to be in the jungle - that'd be great. [pause] How much do they pay?
Kate: I'd like to be in the sun.
Guri: There's a simple way of doing that, love!
Kate: No, the star sun, not the newspaper!
Mave: I don't do jungles. They're just not me.
Kate: If they built a special Priscillas booth, which had hair care facilities and a bar with Champagne on tap then I think we might consider it.

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