Horrorpops - Hell Yeah!

Copenhagen’s Horrorpops are an irresistible concept – a new-wave rock ‘n’ roll band dressed like The Munsters with names like Nekroman featuring in the band, and there are some fun numbers found on their debut effort Hell Yeah!

There are a range of musical genres that seem to have been caught up in this album’s blender mix. At times slapping upright bassist and lead temptress Patricia bites off similarities with Gwen Stefani, Debbie Harry and Siouxsie Sue whilst her band rock through the sounds of fifties rockabilly and seventies lo-fi punk. Completely derivative yes, but still mostly enjoyable.

Standout tracks range from the sinister-riff of Psychobitches Outta Hell and the catchy Baby Lou Tattoo, which deals with one’s addiction to tattoos, exemplified through the novel chorus line of “Yeah, I Need My Ink Injection!”. This is the sort of album you’d expect to finish around the twenty-five minute mark, and are surprised to learn that the thirteen tracks on display actually last over forty-minutes. The band’s jokey celebration of all things ghoulish will almost certainly shoot them in the foot for credibility stakes, but for now there’s no reason why Hell Yeah! can’t be enjoyed for its own bloodsucking values.

At times, Hell Yeah! drifts into college punk territory, whilst on other occasions they could almost sound like the Sha-Na-Na backing band in the Grease prom…if it were staged in a cemetery. Somehow, Horrorpops would probably see that as the ultimate compliment.



out of 10

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