Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright - Set the Fire to the Third Bar

Since Run catapulted them into the indie-pop stratosphere, it seems Snow Patrol trade (successfully at that) in nothing but harmless mid-tempo ballads. They still manage to keep things more rockin' than Keane - not too hard really - but they haven't exactly set the world alight with their searing originality and vibrancy. Set the Fire... is no huge departure for them but it does have a couple of things going for it.

First off, and the most obvious, is the presence of the wonderful Martha Wainwright. Singer Gary Lightbody claims that he wrote this song especially for her which goes to show that her amazing voice hasn't been completely ignored by those in the biz. However, an opportunity for a memorable guest appearance is somewhat missed as the vocals, by both parties, are somewhat subdued. Despite some nice harmonies, you keep waiting for Wainwright to break free of Lightbody's reigns but it's as if she's scared to out-perform him in the vocal department.

No matter though, for this still manages to be one of the better slowies released as a single this end of the year. Its slow build means that we actually get somewhere towards the end, and its bitter sheen makes a change from the sickly-sweet offerings we tend to get in the run-up to Christmas. Worth a listen.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 03:56:13

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