Vega 4 - You And Others

Another week another Coldplay / Snow Patrol influenced act… except Vega 4 seem to have been listening to a few Stereophonic records as well. This is the curse of the modern “indie” scene – anthemic songs, “heart-felt” lyrics, emotional drive… urgh, makes me want to be sick. These acts just try too hard, though once the record companies have spotted and signed them, they polish the songs to meaningless. The production is so slick on You and Others, there isn’t an edge on it. Tearing Me Apart could be a cover of Snow Patrol’s Final Straw whilst the plain awful Traffic Jam is sub-Stereophonics twaddle – who can get excited about a traffic jam enough to write a song about it?!

I honestly can’t think of anything positive to pull out of this album, there isn’t an original idea on here. Slipping this disc into your CD player will result in your ears wanting to remove themselves from your body and possibly try to strangle you for exposing them to this rubbish. This is as bland, bland, bland as it gets. Actually, I bet this’ll sound especially good if you wear a suit and drive a Ford Mondeo driving along the M4 at 90mph. This is your music, “emotional” music without the emotion.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 03:57:49

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