Simian Mobile Disco - Tits & Acid

Not many tracks could live up to a title like Tits & Acid, but the latest from Simian Mobile Disco fulfills that hedonistic promise and then some. Imagine Justice's Waters of Nazareth with glossier production. A stoppy, starty, jittery, bleepy, squelchy - oh, you get the impression - slice of dancefloor mayhem, it's as if one hundred ideas have been thrown at the wall and they've all stuck, before turning into rapidly expanding blob monsters intent on eating the world. These four minutes whizz by. All over too quickly? You'll just have to put it on repeat. Do you require a shovel to help scrape your jaw off the floor, sir?

After this, the less hectic Animal House, in truth a decent French disco styled thing, could be seen as slightly disappointing, or one could instead be wholly grateful of the chance to catch a breath.



out of 10

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