The Casualties - Under Attack

It's odd just how ingrained second (or third) generation British punk rock is in certain circles of the American scene. Much more so than here in the UK, bands like the Exploited and Anti-Pasti remain icons, both musically and in terms of image. This has led some to criticise The Casualties - and their ilk - for being little more than a fashion band, but on the basis of this, their sixth studio album (not including 2005's Spanish-language re-recording of their On The Frontline album) there's little sign of compromise or 'selling out'.

Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) has helped mould a pretty serious-sounding album that rarely veers from the initial blast of lead track "Under Attack", all gang vocals and mucho venom. In fact, as far as the genre goes, this is pretty much as good as it gets: catchy riffs, militaristic drums and so on. The vocalist's Cookie Monster yelp begins to wear after a while but in short doses, it's fine what for what it is. Let's face the facts: the chances of anyone topping Rancid's genre-defining And Out Come The Wolves or Life Won't Wait are slim.

Lyrically, it's a case of the same-old same-old, showcasing a simplicity that's somewhat hypocritical when bleating on in a gramatically suspect manner about an America that's "Full of idiots to control and lack of education" ("No Solution - No Control") It's also slightly weird that bands like The Casualties aren't taking the opportunity to comment more directly on the current political climate instead of the usual platitudes. Perhaps there's a fear of dating the album in some way (oh, the irony!) but I can't quite be convinced by a 2006 'punk' album that doesn't at least mention Dick Cheney and his cronies by name.



out of 10

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