Error are, it seems, the brainchild of Atticus, the person responsible for the programming in Nine Inch Nails. He soon picked up support from one Leopold Ross, Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan) and Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion) who were tired of listening to rock that purported to be 'angry' when it was anything but, and decided that they could do better themselves. The result is this five track EP.

The trouble with Error is, that they're not quite extreme enough. A few years ago, and this might have seemed radical and different, but what essentially this is, is punk music infused with some of the more aggressive elements of dance music and then mixed violently together. It's nothing that Nine Inch Nails haven't done before, in some of their more extreme moments, and compared to stuff like Lesser, Scraping Fetus Off the Wheel, or even some of The Butthole Surfers at their most experimental and inaccessible, it all sounds rather tame and nineties. It's bedroom aggression here, the sort of stuff played to annoy parents. It sounds like you expected Marilyn Manson to sound like when you first saw his picture before realizing that he was just metal-lite wrapped up in fetishists clothing.

That aside, this is a rather better produced than most of this sort of stuff and is a million miles better than any nu-metal band you care to mention. There is aggression aplenty and songs like Jack The Ripper and Brains Out are earthy, interesting and well structured. Well-structured in the sense that there is no real structure, it's just a collection of noises but there is order in the chaos and you'll soon be making sense of it. Nothings Working, again, is a hefty slab of bleeps and noise that’s the closest thing to catchy you’ll find on here.

This is worth a purchase if you want something a little different to the normal modes of rock music. If hard core industrial, experimental noise is your thing, there's little here you won't already have in abundance. There is promise here, and it will be interesting to see what they bring to a live performance. Interestingly, Leo Ross is quoted in the press release as saying "...our goal was to try and make something that sounded new and exciting, we didn't want to make it an unbearable listen.". Perhaps they should try and make something that truly is unbearable to listen too; listening to this, you get the impression that they could, and lets hope they do.



out of 10

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