Radiohead - Hail To The Computer Mix

For much of the late-nineties, I was a strong critic of Radiohead, denouncing them as ultra-depressing, tuneless champions of all that was morbid. I had completely missed the point, of course.

However, it wasn't until a coverdisk given away by Q Magazine that I was finally turned on by the band. The song featured was Idioteque, and it had such a relentless drive, such a postmodern, albeit apocalyptic feel to it that I was hooked instantly. Immediately, I sought out the album in which Idioteque featured on, and that was Kid A. This album had at the time been crucified on release by fans wanting another Bends or OK Computer, and on the first few listens it was difficult to locate the musical hooks on the album. Listening to it now a few years later, it's hard to see what all the critical fuss was about, mainly because most bands have attempted to replicate Kid A.

Even so, Kid A along with Idioteque enrolled me into the Radiohead Appreciation Society, and I quickly visited their entire back catalogue, including every available single, and soon became a big fan.

Now that Hail To The Thief has been released, it's clear that Radiohead haven't entirely abandoned the deliberate deconstructive processes adopted on Kid A, leaving many to incorrectly claim in my opinion that The Bends will never be bettered by the band.

I often make myself a compilation of tracks by one artist or band that I favour, and when doing a CDR of Radiohead I noticed that most of the tracks were from OK Computer onwards. It seemed the more unconventional, the more I liked the songs, and so I thought it would be a different idea to make a compilation featuring only Radiohead songs released during or after OK Computer. Some guitar-esque tracks sneaked on there, such as There, There or Knives Out, but otherwise this is a fine collection of Radiohead’s better material completely devoid of The Bends.

You might disagree with the selection– if you do, drop me a mail to or post a comment below.

1. Fitter Happier (Excerpt) / Where I End, And You Begin
2. Paranoid Android
3. Idioteque
4. Morning Bell
5. Sit Down, Stand Up
6. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box
7. There, There
8. Subterranean Homesick Alien
9. Worrywort
10. No Surprises
11. Airbag
12. 2+2=5
13. Everything In Its Right Place
14. Knives Out
15. Fog
16. National Anthem (Live)
17. Go To Sleep
18. Pyramid Song
19. Let Down

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