Jet - Shine On

Lets be honest, it would be pretty naive to think that Jet were going to follow up their massively successful 'Get Born' with an album of Dutch hip-hop trance metal. At the time of their debut, there was a certain charm to their AC/DCesque riffs and thunder, a time when lots of us were swept along with The Darkness and quite fancied the idea of slapping our foot on a monitor. New album Shine On is well and truly more of the same, at times better, at times worse.

This is one of those albums that could have been released at any time in the last 40 years, despite the nagging presence of studio trickery making everything that little bit louder and crunchier. Holiday has shades of The Faces, whilst stand-out track Bring It All Back is a marvellous piece of Beatles-lite, swirling guitars and foot-stomping drums making it sound as if it could have been lifted straight from the roof of Abbey Road. But whilst the music on this track is strong, full of groaning guitars and cellos, the lyrics leave a great deal to be desired, which is the case throughout the album. All you hear are words you've heard sung time and time before.

Still, the songs are good and sound huge. That's All Lies is great, full of squawking feedback and fuzzy production, whilst title track Shine On is a revelation, a hands in the air sing-a-long Oasis would be proud of. When the album crashes down though, it comes back to earth hard and heavy. Come on Come on is meaningless nonsense, whilst Kings Horses is trite and just useless. This is far though from being a one-note album. A variety of rock-styles are experimented with, but nothing ever sounding different to anything you've heard before from other bands.

It is unlikely this album will come close to matching the huge success of Get Born outside of their home country. There is not enough to do more than catch the ear of the average radio listener. The songs are adequate, but sound too similar to the bands that provide Jet's inspiration.



out of 10

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