Courtney Love - Mono

The break up of Hole, the questions about her sanity, the grammatically dubious rants on her message board, the drugs, her daughter, Kurt, Frances, the questions over her paternity, an impending court appearance. All of these things are distractions from the music.

That's what makes Mono brilliant. It's a blistering, sneering statement of intent. Mocking, angry, and dismissive, this is Courtney laying out an agenda. Sure, musically, that agenda is not a million miles away from her days as the frontwoman of Hole, but it lays to rest any fears that she may have lost her edge.

In essence, this is her State Of The (Musical) Union address.

"When they say that rock is dead, they're probably right." she sneers.

"Three chords in your pocket tonight. Are you the one with the spark to bring the punk rock back?"

The answer comes immediately. "I don't think so."

This track is exactly what a single should be. It sets the stall out for the album. It leaves you wanting more.

"Did you miss me?" she asks at the beginning of the track. You know, it turns out that we did.



out of 10

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