To My Boy - I Am X-Ray

The Klaxons, The Sunshine Underground, Datarock - the list goes on really, such is the current climate in music land. These bands rock, no doubt about that, but they would be at a complete standstill if it were not for their trusty synths and computers. To My Boy are a promising new duo on the scene who owe a lot to, in their own words, 'the beautiful machine'. New single I Am X-Ray is their first showing to the world of their own brand of home-made fizzy electro-pop.

The end result is akin to Bowie singing a Futureheads song that has been put through a blender containing broken bits of Fisher Price keyboards and manned by Kraftwerk. The same can be said for B-side Outer Regions. It's quite throwaway but, if the debut album is anywhere near as fun, these two Scouse boys could soon be straddling the same massive success Hot Chip have enjoyed over the last six months.



out of 10

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