Fergie - London Bridge

It's not for nothing that the opening line of the new single from Fergie is "Oh Shit", as it's pretty much the same as my reaction when I actually had to sit through the damn thing.

The Black Eyed Peas singer solo career sees her team up with bandmate Will.I.Am, taking though just a break from the band. In fact, its been promised that some of her solo work will turn up during their live shows later on this year. The lead single is described as mix of "jaw-dropping vocals and sassy rapping".

Well, my jaw did drop, but for all the wrong reasons - this is such an unpleasant piece of rubbish, where there is nothing of any merit or anything particularly sassy. Its just a whole lot of f**king swearing and boring horns parping away in the background. I preferred the instrumental version on the b-side. The only thing this single has going for it is that its better than Rudebox.

If you thought that the Black Eyed Peas were annoying enough as a group, Fergie on her own takes things to a whole new level. The album, The Dutchess, is out on the 18th September.



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