Blue October - Hate Me

Formed in Houston in 1996, Blue October have mostly stayed on their side of the Atlantic, but are due to tour in the UK shortly to promote their forthcoming album Foiled, their first to go gold in the States. They are signed to Universal, a label that dropped them and picked them up again when they started to become successful.

This is the first time they have had a record out in the UK, with an album they claim isn't just about the usual despair, delusion and dementia, but also has a spring in its step and even has a dance around at times. Hate Me though does sound full of despair, delusion and dementia, and I can't imagine having much of a dance to it either. That said though, musically it is pretty good, with a verse that reminds me a lot of Livin' On the Edge by Aerosmith (not sure if that is a good thing or not) and the usual monster chorus we've come to expect from our guitar bands in this day and age.

Miserable teenagers the world over will love this, a song about broken relationships, apologises and suicidial feelings. The album features a guest vocal from Imogen Heap, and the band will be touring Europe later in the year.

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