Robbie Williams - Rudebox

Apparently this is "back to basics" and was made by “three lads from Stoke having fun in the studio, no rules and no knobheads.” Oh dear. From now on there should be a blanket ban on any lads from Stoke going into a recording studio. This is so bad I couldn't actually believe it. Robbie Williams has been responsible for a lot of things, especially creating some superb slices of pop music ("Millennium", "Angels" etc), but this is just plain awful.

Forged around a sample from Sly & Robbie’s "Boops (Here To Go)" it's the cringe-worthy rap and "lyrics" that add insult to injury. When I placed the single into iTunes to listen to, it came up as "Children’s Music". Putting a dozen 5 year olds into a recording studio would have come up with something better than this.

This is not pushing the boundaries of anything apart from bad taste. It's a poor, poor effort from a man who seems to be running out of ideas. Rumours of his quitting the musicbiz now look seemingly well timed.

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