Department of Eagles - Romo Goth

It begins with, what sounds like, a tin drum machine... pip, pip, pip-ping away as a guitar riff kicks in... Then there's this voice, almost that of a crooner, sounding just behind the music, hidden behind its delicate layers. The Department of Eagles debut single is a shiny indie-electronica gem, just hidden in the depths of the NYC garage-band scene, "Romo Goth" is the missing link between Radiohead's OK Computer and Kid A - more chunky guitar riffs per keyboard square inch.

It's all over in just under three minutes, leaving you with a sense of loss, like the first time you listened to Beck. A realisation that you don't have to play by the rules, you can force together seemingly disparate influences to create something not only new, but something foot-tapingly good to.

B-side "Sailing By Night" is an altogether more relaxed song with its gentle acoustic guitar and laid back beats. A touch more folk perhaps than the lead single, but an altogether intriguing song that hints at other avenues they might explore.

You can hear the single and view the quiet brilliant video from it on their Myspace page.



out of 10

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