Muse - Starlight

The opening bars of the new Muse single might leave some confused radio listeners thinking that finally, Keane have grown some and have gotten more muscular in their sound. It features a sparkling piano, chiming over the grinding, electronic bass and the thunderclap drums. However, as Bellamy starts to sing something that almost sounds like a love-song in intent, we are clearly in safe hands. Black Holes and Revelations is full of dazzling, sci-fi melodies and this is no exception.

Starlight is a perfect choice for a single – the tune is catchy, full of hooks and ideas, the piano riff really sticking in the mind. However, and this is hard to explain, it is the kind of song that bizarrely manages to sound better than it actually is, particularly once the intro is over. Keyboards shimmer and Bellamy shrieks, in a good to average song where production really is the key to its success rather than the melody. All in all though, this is a good song taken from an excellent album. It you haven't purchased Black Holes and Revelations yet, I recommend you do.



out of 10

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