The Isles - Perfumed Lands

I reviewed the proceeding single by ‘The Isles’ a few months back, and loved that with a passion, as both the A side and B side were great tracks which worked well together. So I was very happy to see the track listing on the promo sheet for ‘perfumed lands’ containing both Flying under cheap kites and Eve of the Battle.
However, it seems that both these tracks are highlights on the album, with some sections of it suffering a slight dip in quality overall.

This isn’t to say that it’s is a bad album, far from it, its just bad luck or bad planning that the two very strong and standout tracks from the album were released as what amounts to a double a-side in hindsight.

Despite sounding a little like Interpol in places, crossed with The Strokes (when they were good) and a spattering of Echo and the Bunnymen the NYC band don’t particularly seem very… well New York-y.

The album flows pretty well, and offers its highlight tracks in its single tracks as above, as well as a smiths-esque opener in the form of Major Arcana as well as later on in the 2nd half with Tropical Lamby, the latter of which is highly catchy for a song of its gait.

Hopefully, this record will be a big success for both the band and the relatively small label they are on; Melodic, who seem to have a large collection (see melodic’s compilation disc) of vaguely similar good music.

Overall, it’s a pretty good album, but the excitement for me was drawn over it a few months back with the single release. I’d be interested to see which tracks (if any) they use for a future single release, and of course the much deserved second album should be an interesting one.



out of 10

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