Hot Chip - Colours

After the funkadelic Boy From School, Hot Chip's latest outing is something just as groovy but a little more subdued. Despite the undertow of electro beats, stabs of guitar and twinkling synths, Colours manages to sound almost melancholic beneath its layers of shimmering prettiness. The chorus' hook 'Colours of colours of colours of colours', looped over and over, is almost child-like in its simplicity but will not escape your head after just two or three listens. It is a sign of the band's versatility that they can follow up The Warning's previous two singles with a completely different animal but, in the end, one that is just as memorable.

The inclusion of the DFA remix is something of a bonus. The song's structure isn't messed with too radically but an extended outro adds some three minutes worth of added instrumental meat, making the radio edit and album versions sound positively lo-fi.



out of 10

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