Vega4 - You and Me

Vega4 are a multi-national four-piece who have worked with Garrett ‘Jacknife’ Lee on their upcoming album You and Others, due in October. Lee has previously worked with Bloc Party, Editors and Snow Patrol, and one listen to this glorious little single suggests Vega4 will join the ranks of these festival favourites if they just stick at it.

The song concerns itself with the usual old schtick: boy and girl fall in love, boy sings from the rooftops about their relationship. However, it has a quirky eye for detail such as people having guns strapped to their ankles and cats freaking people out. The bouncy chorus is of the type that is so catchy that two-year-olds will be singing along while lyrics such as 'Staying in bed 'til we get sore/Calling in sick so we can lay there' will surely appeal to the twentysomething crowd. All in all, this song is not profound or deep in any way. What it is is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser that is so uplifting it may raise the dead! Buy it!



out of 10

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