Popup - Lucy, What You Trying To Say?

Efter the general stramash that surroonded the commercial success o' Franz Ferdinand, it wiz weird that nae other Glesgae bands managed tae brek thru like the music papers predicted. A'body was sayin' that the A&R gadgies fae London wid be wavin' their cheque books aboot and signin' loads o' Scottish bands 'cos that'd be the "Next Big Thing". Never happened tho'.

But look! Here comes Popup wi' a raft o' canny numbers that might jist prove the city's no din yet.

This is their first effort and it fair showcases what a grand band they are. The storytelling might take a leaf oot o' the Arab Strap school (withoot the muck, mind) but the tunes iz quirky Scots pop that owes mare tae Orange Juice than that Fire Engines ootfit. Nae glum faces or trenchcoats here, jist damn catchy numbers that understan' brevity and the value o' a weel-turned phrase or twae.

Easily yin o' the best releases so far this year.

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out of 10

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