redcarsgofaster - Micro / I Am The Storm

redcarsgofaster The Movie takes place almost entirely at night, every scene crafted to make you feel the claustrophobia of a society that scrutinises your every move, wherever you are. Characters lie and betray, protagonists are left bereft of whatever trust they'd built up. As these intricate interpersonal dramas are played out in faceless skyscrapers and domineering apartment high-rises, riots flare from the streets far below. Explosions light the rain-soaked concrete and the screams of high-powered weaponry scorch the air.

If redcarsgofaster The Movie did exist you could perhaps say in places the dialogue was a little forced and the acting could have been a bit more natural but these would be minor criticisms of a film that would have you leaving the screening that bit more paranoid, your senses heightened and your skin tingling.

With a soundtrack like this superb slice of conspiracy-tinged art rock from the fledgling Leicester band, redcarsgofaster The Movie would, if nothing else, leave you eager for a sequel.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 04:46:02

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