Captain - Glorious

In a world full of bands jumping on the bandwagon and managing to come across as clones of each other, Captain pride themselves on their lack of a dress code and their focus on the music. Which would all be very well and good but what of Glorious, their new single preceding the release of debut album This is Hazelville later this month?

Things start off relatively okay with a pleasing intro consisting of brooding guitar and a brainworm of a synth-string line. However, the first verse starts and, despite some nice harmonies between the dual male/female vocals, the meaningless and bland lyrics really drag the song down. The chorus manages to be catchy but in that annoying 'please somebody, get it out of my head' way. Throughout, it feels as if the song is trying to sound as urgent, wistful and emotive as possible. Unfortunately, it simply falls short. The title is ultimately a misnomer; that's not to say it's rubbish, it's just crashingly dull.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 04:46:24

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