Various - Screaming Tarts - Volume 3

Most people could only dream of putting together their own album, cherry-picking the new bands you like and getting the music out there. It takes a certain something to actually get into gear and put an album like this together. And so here we have Volume 3 of the compilations put together by the website Screaming Tarts, and its a great collection of 20 slices of sleeze, glam and rock. It opens with the pretty brilliant Bang Bang by Phluid, storming into old metal King Lizard. Some of the bands on here step back to the older days of rock, (Renegade Playboys having a real Skid Row meets Faith No More sound), but hey, a little bit of old school charm never hurt, did it.

Other highlights include Disarm with Getaway, coming across like early Therapy?, and The Visions with Morrissey's Tongue, a great little song full of sweeping guitars and some belting guitar. For those of you who yearn for the glory days, where Warrant and Cinderella strutted their stuff, you'll love this collection.

Available direct from for the bargain price of £6.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 04:47:37

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