TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me

In the review of Return to Cookie Mountain, amid his excitement Richard offered a piece of advice for us all - scare the neighbours, play it loud. Well, obviously I don't condone such an uncharitable act, but if I moved into a new house and wanted to leave the residents confounded as to what music I was listening to, I could do a lot worse than slap on Wolf Like Me and leave it on repeat.

It is a song that is not so much written as constructed, layer upon layer of music spurting across the room - piles of drums, keyboards, fuzzed up guitars and a saxophone that sounds like it was recorded pouring down a plughole. Its infectious, but also moody and brooding, abrupting slowing before bursting out into glorious life for its conclusion.

Flip-side Things You Can Do is also pretty special, a mix of Human Behaviour by Bjork and The Doors, a languid piece, with a scattergun rythmn and mourning keyboard and flute stabs.

Sure, a song like this isn't going to trouble the charts much, but who cares, music this glorious needs to be on the radio and lets hope this single release picks up some airplay. If you haven't heard the album and want a taster, downloading this track is a good place to start.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 04:49:01

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