Seafood - Signal Sparks

Well, it’s been a long 2 years in the life of Seafood, since their last release the album and singles associated with As the Cry Flows. While the album itself was heralded as an overall success with a series of excellent live shows and a steady enough sales quota to make another album possible, it was marred with the 7th consecutive lung collapse for David Line, Seafood’s lead singer.

In some ways, it was a good thing that it happened when it did, as it gave the band a chance to relax, and look back on what they’d done in the previous 8 years, and it gave David a chance to contemplate his own life, as well as bring new life into the world with the birth of his daughter, Poppy Line (who is featured on the video to this single). All these factors helped spawn the debut single Signal Sparks, which ominously contains lyrics like “/Don’t forget you’re alive/” and the pseudo-ironic hook line of “/Just breathe…/”

All the b-sides on the single are from the up coming album Paper Crown King too, with Bad Flag being a prominent pick from both this single release and the album. An interesting point to note is that the 3rd track on the single Home Fires has actually been renamed “Paper Crown King” in the album release, which is hardly a surprise really, given it contains lyrics which state both.

This was a highly anticipated single release, given the quality of their previous efforts, and it didn’t disappoint at all.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 04:50:48

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