Alistair Griffin - Bring It On

So Fame Academy...not the ratings success for the BBC that Pop Idol was for ITV despite the onscreen disagreements between Richard Park and the obnoxious and objectionable Patrick Kielty. Yet now, with grumpy lesbian Alex Parks continuing the level of success enjoyed by David Sneddon, being the previous winner of Fame Academy in case the name had slipped your mind, the runner-up jumps to a single release shortly before Michelle McManus issues All This Time.

Bring It On isn't bad but it does betray Griffin's past as a songwriter for hire. The acoustic guitars and gentle tapping of the drums are entirely inoffensive and if Griffin's singing is pleasant enough, it is sad that he has gone for such a bland sound that he will have the old-school Radio 2 presenters - the dreadful Wogan and Sarah Kennedy - lapping it up. As for Radio 1 crossover, Griffin needs to be a little more rough and ready as there's little here to say he's nothing more than a wedding singer who just got lucky, much like David Sneddon.

Whether Griffin will continue with his habit of gazing into the camera when performing this on Top Of The Pops, partnered with gruesome winking to all the ladies sat at home, remains to be seen but on the evidence of that kind of performance and the songs included on these singles, he's really far too cheesy to last.



out of 10

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