The Puppini Sisters - Betcha Bottom Dollar

Looking out of my window, I must have missed the 1940's revival that this album threatens to herald. The street I live in does not seem awash with street parties and bunting, rationing and rickets. Sure, there is the odd England flag here and there as World Cup leftovers, but not a whole lot of singing round pianos and listening out for doodlebugs.

But of course, here we have the Puppini Sisters, who are QUIRKY! and TONGUE IN CHEEK! and ECCENTRIC!, the novelty being that they sing versions of classics to the 1940's doo-wop style. They look like they've just strolled of the set of Good Night Sweetheart, with just a bit more cleavage, and sing a mixture ranging from Glenn Miller to The Smiths. Yes, Morrissey gets a beating here in their QUIRKY! interpretation of Panic. Kate Bush gets a similar kicking as they take on Wuthering Heights, and even Blondie doesn't escape unscathed with the three point harmonies of Heart of Glass.

This is the sort of thing that used to pop up from time to time in the nineties on TFI Friday, that would be reasonably amusing for one song or so, but a whole album of these 1940's throwbacks stretches the patience far beyond the realms of human endurance. Right from the offset this album just gets on your nerves, with the sickly sweet Sisters, and the equally rubbish Mr Sandman. You'll need a bucket near by if you fancy your chances of listening to all sixteen tracks in one sitting - this is definitely best sampled in small doses and anyone with the tenacity to do it all in one hit has my sympathies.

Sure, they can sing, and its an interesting enough concept. People like watching televisual throwbacks like Born and Bred, so surely it would work in music, right? Well it doesn't, its just annoying, and hopefully this will fall down the dumper and just be forgotten. Unless you a massive Shine on Harvey Moon fan, give this a wide berth.



out of 10

Last updated: 18/06/2018 16:03:09

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