Delayscape - Everybody Drops EP

Opening track, the eponymous Everybody Drops, wouldn't sound out of place as the background music for a night-club scene in a low-budget sci-fi film from 1997. You know, the sort of place where everybody wears leather and their hair is either non-existent or bright green. The arpeggiated bassline is dated but not quite retro, and the more ambient tones sound like the 'techno' presets on a toy keyboard filtered through a few cheapo digital effects with the almost-religious belief that delay makes everything sound cool. Clearly, it doesn't.

Of course, it doesn't help that these dismal textures are dragged along by the most boring, monotonous drum beat in the history of electronic music, proceeding virtually unchanged from one track to the next for the majority of the record. Moments of solace are few and far between -- Laugh Track being one of the more notable ones with its cymbal-heavy rhythm.

Another is Portamento Portmanteau, a track which I actually enjoyed quite a bit, if only for its IDM-ish beats and melody which could have been ripped straight from Aphex Twin. Still, it's an isolated moment of quite-good in a muddy puddle of mundane.

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out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 04:55:57

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