Eagles of Death Metal - Death By Sexy ...

Moonlighting from his day job, QotSA frontman Josh Homme hooks up with childhood friend for quick ‘n’ dirty blast through some ZZ Top southern-styled boogie and Sweet-inspired glam racket. Invites several close friends like Jack Black, Brody Dalle and Mark Lanagen to join in the fun. Produces annoying album that neither amuses nor uh … groove-zez.

Death By Sexy … so wants to be the soundtrack to a sleazy Texan titty bar but there’s a serious flaw in the plan: in the 12 days it took to record the album, someone forgot to call the bass player. For all the fuzzed-out riffs on display, there’s a distinct lack of bottom to the entire record meaning it buzzes around like an annoying bluebottle instead of inspiring serious action in the gut or groin. Jesse Hughes' persistent falsetto only adds to the general whine.

Had someone actually strapped on a four-stringer, or turned the fader up or simply remedied whatever it is that has left the album completely balls-free, there’s the basis of a half-assed party album here.

As it stands I just want to yell “Electric Six!” and be done with it.



out of 10

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