Fleeing New York and The Suffrajets - The Gibson Showrooms, London

London's Gibson showrooms were, this week, visited by Fleeing New York and The Suffrajets as a promotional gig for the upcoming Tiscali Showcase – Volume 1 digital album. The release is, apparently, a 'true first of its kind', encapsulating seventeen tracks from various unsigned bands currently touring the country. Louis Goddard was there:

Fleeing New York took to the stage with an endearing kind of enthusiasm and, to their credit, didn't seem too fazed by the notably less enthusiastic audience of rigid press folk. Their songs were all fairly similar -- straight-up, rhythmic rock numbers -- but, performed with a vigour absent from their recordings, they were entertaining enough.

The Suffrajets, on the other hand, had a simple solution for the boring crowd issue: they imported their own. Loyally bouncing around in the vacant area near the front of the stage, the 'Suffrajet Army' were far more interesting than the band themselves. They were even permitted to invade the stage during the penultimate track, though the wisdom of this decision was thrown into considerable doubt when a bald, middle-aged member shamelessly removed his t-shirt and hurled it into the audience. Needless to say, nobody tried catch it.

The 'Jets themselves were, to be honest, wholly unremarkable. They seemed to be more concerned with plugging their website than playing their music -- quirky intersong banter being replaced by hurried shouts of "www.thesuffrajets.com!" As with Fleeing New York, they're just a bog-standard rock band playing bog-standard rock songs. Amusing, but nothing to jump in front of a racehorse over.

Photography by Lorne Thomson.

Buy Tiscali Showcase - Volume 1 from Tiscali, if you really feel the need.

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