Rui Da Silva - Praying Mantis

Judging by the amount of it that falls through my letterbox, one could make a case for minimal electronica/dance being the sound of now. Rui Da Silva you might recognise as the man behind the 2001 chart-topper, Touch Me. Be warned, then; there is nothing like that here. In fact, Praying Mantis isn't even on the same planet, never mind ballpark. This has more in common with Isolée, Aphex Twin, and Radiohead's Kid A. It's weird - stretched out to 80 minutes.

The track titles are a good indication of the trippiness of this (download only) project and the album title is also indicative of the sound - lean, stealthy, sinister, occasionally beautiful (but only before it goes in for the kill). Mainstream dance fans, and many others, will probably find this boring, not least because there are no discernible vocals. However, those willing to tune in and pay full attention should find the minimal rhythms, blips and synths hypnotic. Praying Mantis is something akin to having your brain probed by aliens.



out of 10

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