Regina Spektor - On the Radio

On the Radio opens with a layered string and piano intro before leading into a verse that is, lyrically, pure Regina Spektor. The death imagery conjured up - hearses, disease, and her girly but bluesy voice claiming 'We tried to find some worms/To aid in the decay' - is downright disturbing but contrasted and softened by the swirling and dreamlike synthetic sound that is eventually accompanied by her piano. From then on, it's all Alanis-esque cod-philosophy ('This is how it works/You're young until you're not/You love until you don't') and the Guns N Roses-referencing refrain of 'On the radio/We heard November Rain/That solo's really long/But it's a pretty song'. The sublime three minutes come to a close with Regina ad-libbing over a sequence of handclaps.

All in all, it retains the kooky aspect of her earlier work but adds a more accessible and, inevitably given the song's title, radio-friendly element. You might even say it's relatively 'poppy'. However, that's no bad thing in her case, and one can only hope her upcoming album Begin to Hope has further gems lying in wait.



out of 10

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