New Flesh - Universally Dirty

Listening to Universally Dirty, I at first felt about as in touch with contemporary youth culture as David Cameron. Then I remembered enjoying Dizzee Rascal's debut album back in 2003. Boy In Da Corner too falls into the categories "grime", "UK garage" and "hip-hop". Indeed, if anything, it's more abrasive, yet holds the interest due to such inspired moments as the rock-sampling Fix Up, Look Sharp.

Universally Dirty is the work of producer, Part 2, and a pair of MCs, Juice Aleem and Toastie Tailor. To those not acquainted with the rougher end of urban music, its killer bass bursts, often indecipherable rapping and lack of melody will feel almost impenetrable. Much of the record seems to merge into one, so sadly it's the track which sticks out like a sore thumb (Trouble, a cracking excursion into electronic reggae) that is also far and away the best.



out of 10

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