Circuits - Radio Silence

Well, their MySpace page lists their influences as Motown, Dub, 80's Pop, Punk Rock, Hip Hop & Bright Socks. If thats the case, then why does this sound just every other indie band out there at the moment - a pale imitation of all the music we're all sick of already (and yes Razorlight, I am looking at you). There are two songs on this 7" and neither of them do much for me, both sounding pretty similar, one with a naff Elvis Costello intro and both with those guitar sounds we've heard again and again and again.

It all reminds me of that crappy band on Channel 4's series following FMB, a group that were supposedly going to "make it big" in the 90's with their snappy tunes and lovely hair. They had a lot of energy but very little talent, and when the tunes don't add up to much, where does that leave you? With a rather boring couple of songs and not much interest in what comes next to be honest.



out of 10

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