Gazel releases video for 'Pointing At The Moon'

Only recently coming onto our radar, we've quickly fallen for Gazel's charms, and her new track and video continue to show just how talented an artist she is.

Arriving as the opening chapter of a story that fans will be able to follow throughout Gazel’s upcoming releases, the ‘Pointing At The Moon’ single is now coupled with a spellbinding video that vividly sets the scene.

“This video shows Gazel in a library that has been waiting for her to arrive. The Turning Library shifts shape as she moves through the room, deciphering a series of notes left for her by the former librarian Maxwell.”

Using her music to pave an ambitious story arc, Gazel’s forthcoming singles will tell the story of a teenage girl crossing the desert, with each introducing a cast of unusual characters who reside in her unconscious mind.

Working with top-tier talent the likes of Haydn Bendall (Kate Bush, Massive Attack) and Shuta Shinoda (Ghostpoet, Hot Chip), plus with artwork contributions and interactive fiction created by Acid Lake, standby for the next instalment in the tale in weeks to come.

In addition, the striking visual aesthetic of the ‘Pointing at The Moon’ video revealed today was directed by the talented Glen Travis, who says:

“We wanted to create a fluid journey for the character and play with space as she explores the Library. With reference to the work of Robby Müller, strong colour casts paint the journey and Gazel’s performance”.

Dramatic and compelling, ‘Pointing at the Moon’ is London-based singer/producer Gazel’s first single release. A uniquely genre-bending artist and raconteur, Gazel fuses electronic sounds with philosophical influences for a spine-tingling result that she calls “music from a fractured minds cape.”

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