"We try to provide an escape from reality" - In Conversation with Ice Nine Kills

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" as the song goes but it's not quite Christmas yet, there's a little month called October where the nights draw in and you start and finish work in the dark. Marking this time of year is the plethora of everything horror related. We recently spoke to lead vocalist from US metalcore band Ice Nine Kills about their latest album The Silver Scream.

The band has been going for 17 years now, has that time gone by in a blink of an eye?

No definitely not! It’s been a long road with ups and downs but the struggle is what makes the success we are seeing now all the more worth it. You have to pay your dues in this business and that’s something I’ve always understood.

You're the only remaining original member and the rest of the band joined in 2009, do you feel in the last nearly 10 years, the line up has solidified and has gone from strength to strength?

This line up feels like the definitive INK line up, the live show has never been tighter and we can’t wait to get out there and start playing these songs which feel like the most technical stuff we’ve ever released.

Fifth album The Silver Scream is out now, do you ever get nervous when you've a new record dropping?

More anxious than nervous really. You put so much time into writing and recording and once the record is turned in you have to wait almost six months for it to come out. I just couldn’t wait for everyone to hear it!

How was the recording process on this record compared to others?

It had its challenges just like any other record but it was actually more fun because we were using horror as the source material- one of my biggest passions. The hardest obstacle for me was trying to figure out how to live up to the greatness that are these films.

Would you say it’s a concept album?

I would say it’s a record that has a concept but probably not technically a concept record in the sense that it’s not one continuous story. However, the film portion of the album does have an overarching story which ties the album together. I see it as more of a record with a unified theme.

The song 'The American Nightmare' is based on the A Nightmare On Elm Street series, but does it have any political overtones, especially with the environment in the US with Trump at the moment?

Absolutely not. While I do think it’s cool when bands take on political themes, that’s just not who we are. We try to provide an escape from reality - whether that be your daily grind or the current political climate.

What were your favourite horror movies growing up? Any recent classics we should know about?

I’m big into what I would call the founding fathers of the slasher movement: Freddy, Jason and Michael and the corresponding films. I don’t find much modern horror that I’m crazy about but, I’m really excited for the new Halloween.

'Enjoy Your Slay' has a Kubrick family member on guest vocals, how did that come about?

We did a tour with a great band from the UK called Shields about 2 years ago. We became very friendly with them and eventually learned that the singer/guitarist Sam is Stanley Kubrick’s grandson. When it was time to do a song about The Shining we thought it would be perfect to have Sam on the track, not only is his singing and screaming great, but the legacy connection to the film that he has is undeniably cool.

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