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It's been another great week for new music. We've picked out some of our favourite new tracks for your aural enjoyment...

Gazel - 'Pointing At The Moon

Dramatic and compelling, ‘Pointing at the Moon’ is London-based singer producer Gazel’s first release on that journey. A uniquely genre-bending artist and raconteur, Gazel fuses electronic sounds with philosophical influences for a spine-tingling result that she calls “music from a fractured mindscape.”

Charli XCX ft. Troye Sivan - '1999'

A bass-laced juggernaut beaming with nostalgia, “1999” binds Charli’s commercial intellect with her innovative instincts, feeling as infectious as it does rebellious. Heralded as one of the most exciting and forward-thinking ambassadors of pop at every turn, Charli penned “1999” with Sivan – who is also featured on vocals – and the single’s accompanying writers: Noonie Bao, Brett McLaughlin, and Oscar Holter, who also produced the track.

Spencer Lee Band - 'River Water'

'River Water' features Cara Delevingne waking up on the streets, begging for change and battling her own demons. See her post on the video here! The stunning performance echo’s the song’s lyrics which were written the band’s front man Spencer Lee when he was homeless in Los Angeles. He was discovered by now manager Scooter Braun who signed him to Republic Records in 2017. 

On the video Spencer Lee noted: “Sometimes, folks walk down the street and see a "homeless guy or girl" and what I want people to realize is--that's a person--just like you and me--struggling to just get by. Cara came along and completely nailed the role in the video. It was made to show that someone can be fine one day and homeless the next. I put it out in hopes it will raise awareness and compassion.”

Roses Gabor - 'Stuff'

Drawing from a wide-ranging palette of influences including atmospheric R&B, electronica and pop, Roses Gabor has subtly been making waves through her collaborations with Gorillaz and SBTRKT, touring the world with them and stamping her dreamy vocal on their biggest and most prominent releases (SBTRKT’s ‘Pharaohs’ + Gorillaz ‘DARE’). However, now is Roses time to step into the light.

Princess Chelsea - 'Growing Older'

Following the release of her fourth studio album The Loneliest Girl last month, New Zealand subversive pop artist Princess Chelsea (Chelsea Nikkel) shares the home grown music video for the album single "Growing Older."

"All of these shots i've included are particularly special moments with my grandparents, family and of course, my sister who is two years younger. It features my first instrument, a Yamaha keytar, which was left behind in a house we moved into when I was a kid. Also pictured are holidays at theme parks that capture the excitement but also frustration of being a teenager and feeling isolated.  Sometimes you can feel trapped like the Orca's at Seaworld but then excited to be riding the Wipeout!" - Princess Chelsea

NONONO - 'Wasted'

NONONO - consisting of singer-songwriter Stina Wäppling and producers Tobias Jimson (Astma) and Michel Flygare (Rocwell) - had their big breakthrough with the release of their single 'Pumpin Blood' followed by the release of their acclaimed debut album 'We Are Only What We Feel'. With more than 2.000.000 singles sold, a performance at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel, US tours alongside Twenty One Pilots and Foster the People. They made a welcome return in Autumn 2017, after a two-year hiatus.

Charlene Soraia - 'Where's My Tribe'

While waiting for the arrival of South London singer Charlene Soraia's forthcoming album Where's My Tribe (due January 25th via Peacefrog), Charlene shares the music video for the title track. The clip, directed by Kojey Radical collaborators The Rest, is a nuanced and contemporary look at human connection. The video bathes Charlene in soft lighting while the camera takes in artful shots of various characters enjoying and enduring the highs and lows of adolescence.

Speaking about the video, Charlene said "The Rest were really understanding of the fact that I wasn't entirely comfortable with being the main protagonist, so they developed a short film to explore the enmeshed and entwined lives of a tribe of teenagers 'Where's My Tribe' is the first music video to be cut from that film. The Rest likened me to a silent observer in the film and it's a title I instantly connected to. Maybe there's a little silent observer in all of us? A little loner... maybe those who have these experiences are the tribe? "?

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