Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone

True story. I work in a medium sized office in the outskirts of town. It was six weeks ago and a sunny-ish day so at about 1:15pm I snuck away from entering some sales figures into a generic grey Dell and broke out onto the roof. I took with me nothing but a tape deck, two industrial-sized speakers and a copy of Atlantis To Interzone my friend had bootlegged from Radio One.

By the time the song had played through three and a half times, the entire workforce had downed tools and were on the roof throwing shapes with their ties wrapped 'round their heads and their shirts unbuttoned. Girls were standing on hijacked desks waving batons and screaming, members of middle management had foghorns. It was utter pandemonium.

By 5pm we'd been joined on the roof by the solicitors next door and everyone who was in the Tescos Express across the road. There were police helicopters flying overhead and the fire brigade were trying to kill the party with jets of water.

This is a single so gloriously, unapologetically massive it should come with a public health warning. Pure, unfettered, dancefloor apocalypse. Essential.



out of 10

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