Mikabomb - The Fake Fake Sound of Mikabomb

A few years ago a young girl from Fukuoka Japan packed her bags and left for London England with a head full of catchy guitar hooks, a love of The Ramones, and a wild determination to front one major ass kicking rock and roll band. Her name was Mika Handa and the end result was Mikabomb, a Far East female fronted guitar band who found instant success playing the support circuit with more energy than one hundred Takeshi’s Castle contestants. Their distinctive J-pop/punk rock fusion landed them a record deal with the now retired Beastie Boys label Grand Royal. Only two singles were ever released under Grand Royal before its demise which resulted in the band heading for Damaged Goods to release their debut album The Fake Fake Sound of Mikabomb.

It’s hard to talk about Mikabomb without resorting to the wildly sensationalist bite sized quote’s you tend to see on a promotional poster for the latest over hyped Hollywood blockbuster. Words like Totally Amazing, Superb, Fantastic, Best Ever such and such (followed by half a dozen exclamation marks) all spring to mind. None of which offer any great insight yet still seem highly appropriate in this instance. You see, Mikabomb hit you like a prozac shotgun and once you place the CD in the player tray you’ll be hard pushed to ever remove it. Each track is a lesson in power pop perfection drawing in the best of what New York Punk, Garage Rock, and Japanese Pop has to offer and turning it out into one distinctively distorted, melodic package. You can literally run your finger down the track listing and pretty much pick any song as a stand out example - Super Sexy Razor Happy Girls, Hey Man, Never Gonna Push Me Around, Contact Tokyo will all have you jumping around like a mad man and are complimented beautifully with just the right balance of broken English in Mika Handa’s vocals. Don’t Say is an enchanting guitar ballad briefly revealing the bands more sensitive side and Snake and Crane will please any Shaw Brothers fan with all its references to Kung Fu.

What’s most admiring and most disturbing about Mikabomb is that their charm seems almost unintentional, it’s as though they cut it as one of the most exciting rock bands currently on the UK scene without even trying due to the relaxed, self assured and unpretentious attitude which rings through their music. Maybe that’s what makes The Fake Fake Sound of Mikabomb so compelling, the almost accidental and unintentional brilliance of it all. But then Mikabomb are not a band that needs dissecting to fully appreciate, they’re no lyrical fortune cookies of profound metaphorical importance here, just a hot predominately female rock band that will win you over with their unique brand of Tommy-gun and bubble gum punk-pop.

Bursting with 16 high energy uppers, each song seemingly more infectious than the last The Fake Fake Sound of Mikabomb is about as great a debut album as anyone could ever possibly hope for. I can’t remember the last time I heard a 16 track album without a single filler and I can’t remember the last time I was compelled to play an album some 8 times in less than 48 hours!. Come to think of it I can’t remember ever playing an album 8 times in a week let alone 48 hours!. Mikabomb are more addictive than a Sega arcade classic!.




out of 10

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