Jim Noir - Eanie Meany (If You Don't Give My Football Back)

Living as I do next door to a 10 year old kid I am pretty experienced in having the odd ball kicked into my garden, and I'm always nice about it, I've never said no, booted it over the other side or rolled it in cat dirt (also belonging to my neighbour). I've always been pleasant, always been friendly, always handed it back. And so the new Jim Noir song touched a nerve with me, as it tells the tale of balls kicked into a neighbours garden, smashing a gnome (not that I own any of those you understand).

This song is one I am sure we are all going to get sick to death of as it is being used by Adidas in their World Cup campaign, but for the time being, it is a pretty harmless little song that bounces along quite merrily and isn't that bad. It sounds like the sort of incidental song you would have heard on Play Away back in the seventies, lots of picked guitar, light flutes and a gentle, understated vocal.

Whether we all agree with this come release time, after we have heard it a million times during ad breaks (and depending on England's fortunes) remains to be seen but all in all, not a bad little song.

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