Introducing Greta Jaime

Classically trained North Londoner Greta Jaime has moved from strength to strength since her debut Lost in Mexico – for one, being nominated for Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition alongside the likes of Cosmo Pyke, Fenne Lily, Jordan Rakei, and Flohio.

On self-produced Computer Games, the 18 y/o carries a Florence Welch-like range, with her own humbleness in vocal melodies – something she complements with a myriad of guitar parts in her own classification of DIY pop.

She kindly agreed to answer a few of our questions...

Hi Greta, how are you today?

Hi, I’m great thank you!
Would you like to introduce yourself to the TDF readers?

Sure! I’m Greta Jaime, a musician from North London.
Have you always wanted to be a musician?

I’d say I’ve always been naturally kind of drawn to it, I remember asking my parents for a guitar because they were offering lessons at my school and then kind of falling into it from there. I think for me now, being a musician is so many things and encompasses more than just playing instruments, whereas when I started out I just wanted to express and entertain myself, and playing guitar and singing gave me a means to do that.

How would you describe your music?

I’d probably describe it as a combination of lots of things I like, a singer-songwriter style mixed with elements of electronic, pop, ambient and rock music. I know…I really narrowed it down haha
We love your new single, 'Computer Games', what is the story behind that song?

Thank you, I’m glad to hear that! With Computer Games, the song itself came out really quickly and it was one of those rare moments where I was just sat there, for about forty minutes, really intensely concentrated trying to get down all the lyric ideas before they were gone. I don’t think I blinked during the whole process haha. My overall intention with the track was to talk about the way we communicate now through all the technology we have and the new dynamic that creates between people.
You're a classically trained musician - do you feel that has helped you develop your own sound?

Yes for sure… I think training in classical music, helped give me a different perspective with other genres and also helps a lot when it comes to songwriting too. I think your knowledge always shapes your sound whether it does it directly or subconsciously, sometimes knowing less can kind of limit you in a way and force you to be more creative. I know less about piano than I do guitar and I always find writing songs on piano turn out very differently than the ones I write on guitar, suddenly you’re out of your comfort zone and everything changes whether that’s the tempo, the key etc.
Speaking, relatively, as someone early in their career, do you feel the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are having a positive effect on the music industry?

I think what the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are doing is really incredible and I think having open conversations about sexual violence can have a positive societal effect, especially if it helps removes all the stigma there is with these issues. I think there is definitely still a long way to go, not only in the music industry but in all fields of work, but I think bringing these issues to the forefront and highlighting problems that keep continually being overlooked is what needs to be done in order to bring justice to survivors and to prevent these issues from occurring in the future.
When was the last time you were starstruck?

Hmm… I’m actually really terrible at spotting people out in public so I can’t think of the last time I was starstruck… Oh actually, I got to meet Daniel Radcliffe a few years ago, and it happened to be his birthday and he made a joke like ‘hey, where’s my present?’ and I just stood there with a blank expression thinking; he gave us eight Harry Potter movies and I didn’t even get him a birthday card.
What is the most played tune in your library at the moment?

Gold On The Ceiling by The Black Keys - Dan Auerbach is the coolest.
What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

What is the meaning to life, the universe and everything?
Greta Jaime's new single, Computer Games, is out now. You can listen to her music on Spotify or follow her on one of these social networks...

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