Hail in Madrid is the new video from Inbal

Sweeping dark pop is the order of the day with the new track from Inbal, the Tel Aviv-based singer whose debut EP is out this September.

Epic, swooning and emotive, ‘Hail In Madrid’ is the highly anticipated follow up to her recent singles ‘Right Mistakes’ and ‘Almost Twenty’, which caught the attention of BBC London and Clash Magazine, describing her as “the sound of a fresh talent coming into her own, stretching her wings and testing out her boundaries”.

‘Hail in Madrid’ exhibits a distinct melodic flair unique to Inbal as a writer and performer.

She details the track: "Hail in Madrid explores the fuzzy boundary or line between where dreams begin and reality ends. That is, the illusion of being awake whilst actually asleep and our perception of surreal events that happen in a dream; that was the inspiration behind the song."

Although Inbal’s profile fits that of a singer-songwriter, her primary musical explorations centre around the Alt-Pop-Prog genres. Inbal’s cultural influences are many and varied, and as you’ll note her forthcoming EP offering is filled with lyrical emotion and clever beats.

The four songs presented on her debut EP evoke powerful autobiographical experiences and stories from her life - each revealing different elements of the various genres that inspired her song writing.Inbal’s EP has been composed, produced and mixed in Brazil, Helsinki, London, Tel Aviv, Seoul and the United States. The record’s was produced by Inbal’s friend and colleague, Andreas Ravizzoni.

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