Four Day Hombre - Don't Go Gently

It can't be an easy time if you are an investor in Four Day Hombre. This is the band the fans have sunk money into, many of them giving thousands of pounds so they could self-finance and produce their album. However, it has hardly set the charts alight - despite the publicity, the record barely dented the top 100, making I'm sure some of those who stumped up the cash a little nervous.

However, at least they are picking up some airplay on the telly, their new single Don't Go Gently being used on both Sky Sports and Five Live as backing tracks. Hardly the paving the road with gold for these Coldplay sound-a-likes, but its a start.

Don't Go Gently is a pleasant enough song, bobbing along in waltz time with some plodding guitars and some nice vocals. It has a passionate, emotive intro (the bit I guess Sky Sports are using) but then the chorus is nothing that memorable, sounding in fact oddly out of place. And boy, do those vocals sound like Chris Martin. As for b-sides, a couple of live tracks, which actually sound pretty good, an improvement on the studio numbers.

I can't see this pushing the album into the stratosphere - loyal fans who have already stumped up four grand might as well throw another 79p their way, and they might pick a few more downloads along the way. Other than that, this is a pretty average song, which is destined to go the same way as the album.

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