Jonathan Davis - Black Labyrinth

Entrenched in the folds of nu-metal icons Korn for the last 25 years, lead vocalist Jonathan Davis has now found time to become a solo artist after the utterly fantastic Queen Of The Damned soundtrack of the early 2000's and his short-lived Jonathan Davis and the SFA side projects.

Within a band dynamic, an artist has to learn to fight their battles well, each member having their own tastes that hopefully cross over with other members. When an artist puts their name against a record as eclectic as Black Labyrinth there are no restrictions. Opening with a song that couldn't be further away from the metal genre in the form of 'Underneath My Skin', it shows that Davis is taking the chance to explore his very own musical backstory. Merging lyrical truth and darkly gothic electronics across the record discussing topics such as drug dependency, and de jour topic of mental health, the album is akin to getting off a rollercoaster and trying to find your bearings, a bit disorientating at first, but one you get used to over time.

There are other elements that surprise across the 13 tracks, echoes of The Cure shine through on 'Medicate' or the Eastern music twang on 'Basic Needs', this is an arena for music that is decidedly not Korn and a collection of songs that could only come from one iconic frontman in Davis. A surprising pick n' mix of an album.


An oddity of an album from the godfather of nu-metal.


out of 10

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