Festival Feature: Songs not to miss at Download Festival 2018

With just the greatest show on earth beginning soon, resident rocker Craig takes a deep dive into the songs that every intrepid music lover can't miss out on at Download Festival 2018. For those about to rock....

Marmozets - 'Play'

After taking a few years off due to injury the Yorkshire group released, what is quite honestly, one of the best UK rock albums of the last five years: Knowing What You Know Now. Appearing on the Main Stage on Friday night it's good to see Download supporting emerging talent to get them used to the size of the stage, ready for their inevitable headline slots in years to come.

Cellar Darling - 'Black Moon'

Who knew the missing instrument in Rock was a hurdy-gurdy. Hailing from Switzerland, Cellar Darling are a three-piece outfit, originally from the Swiss metal band Eluveitie, bringing a fusion of heavy alternative rock melded with folk influences and lyrics akin to poetic storytelling. Cellar Darling have the honour of opening the festival on the Friday at The Dogtooth Stage.

Asking Alexandria - 'Alone In A Room'

As Sir Ronan of Keating once bleated, life truly is a rollercoaster and the last few years for the guys in Asking Alexandria has been the been the equivalent of the Smiler at Alton Towers. Releasing their self-titled album in December 2017 to good reviews, the band continue their quest for world domination with an appearance on The Zippo Encore Stage sandwiched between the returning L7 and Baby Metal.

Ozzy Osbourne - 'Bark At The Moon'

Ozzy may be as old as the hills and well past his prime but a) he's rock royalty, b) he has bangers like this in his locker, and finally c) he has axe master Zakk Wylde back behind the fretboard. When the Donington sky turns dark and the moon comes out to play, you know there's only one thing to do....

Gun's N' Roses - 'Welcome To The Jungle'

Set the scene, the night has drawn in, the anticipation of whether Axl will turn up on time has dissipated and the opening fireworks have set the scene. Slash walks down the ego ramp, trademark blur of hair and guitar held at a 45-degree angle as his fingers peel off the opening riff to this song as Axl hangs off his hip like in the good ol' days. Get In The Ring motherfucker...Not In This Lifetime my ass..."oh myyyy god!"

Download Festival 2018 is held over the weekend of 8 - 10 June, tickets and all manner of extras can be purchased here.

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