The Rider: Catherine McGrath

Having found a level of success in the UK's burgeoning country music market, Catherine McGrath has her eyes on bigger things. Her debut album is out later this year, but for now, she's been talking to us about touring.

Hey Catherine, so, tough one to start... where’s your favourite place to tour?

I love going to Scotland and Ireland because the crowds are always really fun. But everywhere I’ve been has been awesome so there’s no one place I can think of!

What’s your favourite song to play live?

'Wild' is one of my favourites to play live, it’s just been released as my latest single but it’s been a part of my live set for a looong time and people always gave it a great reaction, some people even knew all the words before it came out!

What’s been your worst gig?

There hasn’t been one I haven’t liked yet!

Where do you want to play that you haven’t had chance so far?

I’d love to do shows in America and around Europe, visit some countries that I haven’t seen yet and see how people respond to the music.

Where have you experienced the most lavish backstage area?

British Summer Time festival [in Hyde Park] had really good food and I had a cute caravan dressing room so I’m gonna go with that.

And where’s been the worst?

The worst was probably at a festival where there were no real backstage areas, just muddy fields! Haha.

What’s the most diva behaviour you’ve encountered when playing shows?

None that I can think of! Everyone’s been really nice so far.

You’re playing some festivals this summer, what’s the difference between a festival set and your normal set?

Nothing except I usually have to just pick a few songs to play so it’s shorter.

Do you prefer acoustic solo or full band?

Full band for sure, it makes the songs a lot more fun, but for short sets I like playing a few acoustic songs.

What’s your best tour story?

Right before my first headline show in London, I thought none of my family were able to make it and I'd called them and said I wished they could be there, then a few hours before I went on stage, my mum and dad walked into the dressing room to surprise me, they'd flown over to see the show, so that was the best surprise.

What’s on your rider?

Chocolate and water.. the necessities.

What would be on your rider if you could demand anything?

A kitten to cuddle everywhere I go.

Plug your live show. Why should we come see Catherine McGrath play?

So you can hear stories behind my songs and hear some unreleased ones too!

You can catch Catherine on tour in September, and her debut album is due for release on 27th July. For more information on Catherine visit her website, follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook, or see her on Instagram.

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