Trivium - O2 Bristol Academy

On Trivium's bass drum reads the line 'Ca.1999' and you'd be forgiven for thinking the quartet have been around a lot longer. A band that developed their sound over multiple albums, numerous tours, and minimal member changes, they've just released their best album in some years The Sin and The Sentence, and tonight, they stack the set list with songs from it.

Before they take the stage though there is a strong bill of up and coming 'hot right now' bands, Newport's Venom Prison starting off the night with their brand of grooved up Death Metal, lead singer Larissa Stupar getting the crowd warmed up for the carnage to come. Old school Thrash metallers Power Trip are up next letting the music do the talking for the most part with their mix of Metallica and Suicidal Tendancies old-school grooves. 'Executioners Axe' is a right banger too.

Of all the bands on show Code Orange are the most polarising. Having previously been called Code Orange Kids (they certainly aren't kids no more) their brand of avant-garde freeform hardcore is a lot to take in. Recent Grammy nominees to boot, the band are a blur of energy, you don't know where to look next as first song 'My World' kicks in and bassist Joe Goldman gets in the faces of the crowd. There is a sense of danger but one that feels a bit unfocused at times. It doesn't matter how much drummer and de facto leader Jami Morgan screams to the crowd about being the new breed of musician, the aural landscape they produce feels disjointed. An oddity but one that the crowd lap up with Goldman even busting his head wide open for good measure.

Trivium on the other hand, being road warriors, are pin sharp tonight. Opening with lead single and title track 'The Sin and the Sentence', you'd have to sandblast the smile off lead singer/guitarist Matt Heafy's face; it stays fixed there for the next two hours, and the band are having a blast onstage. Having made their mark as the Main Stage opening band at Download Festival in 2005, a portion of the setlist is dedicated to the Ascendency album of the time. It's title track, 'Like Light To Flies' and the almighty 'Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr' appear here. As the strains of 'Capsizing the Sea' morph into 'In Waves', every last drop of blood, sweat and tears are left on the Bristol stage (and the floor). Come back soon Trivium, the UK loves ya!

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