Cancer Bats - The Spark That Moves

When an album's released nowadays you know about it well in advance, from pictures in magazines, one-off EP's or singles popping up on streaming services, it's a flood of information and noise. Very rarely does an album suddenly drop out of the sky, with no prior announcement quite like Cancer Bats have done with this their sixth record, The Spark That Moves.

Within the first song you're comfortably within classic Cancer Bats territory. With the fast-paced 'Gatekeeper', lead singer Liam Cormier's melodic and growled vocals intertwine with the groove of Scott Middleton's guitar. The lyrics provide a solid punk fuelled declaration of the state of the world today. Next up, 'Brightest Day' continues the signature guitar squeals of Middleton, positive lyrics encapsulated in the gang vocals chants "eyes wide open / always moving forward / heads held high". This is one pissed off collection of songs.

After the experimental Searching For Zero of 2015 Cancer Bats have taken a breather, taking their destiny into their own hands by self-releasing this themselves, the band feeling fully reinvigorated honing their raw, catchy anthemic hardcore punk across the albums 11 tracks. Being the veterans that they are, they change things up with the desert-rock tinged 'Bed of Nails', imagine Queens Of The Stone Age at their most venomous and youthful. Sometimes, just sometimes, sticking two fingers up to the establishment and doing things your way is the only way to go. In the words of Doakes from the TV show Dexter, "Surprise motherfucker!" Cancer Bats are back and here to stay.


A simple, less experimental release but with added dynamics and brutality from the Cancer Bats crew.


out of 10

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